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We have been encouraged by all those who have seen the Deronda to continue it's development though clearly the current economic climate is not a good one for high performance quality cars. The British car industry is all but dead with pretty much every main stream company owned by overseas interests. The Deronda however is something special and has always been driven by enthusiasm and passion.

Deronda Type F at Stoneleigh

We have recently decided to broaden it's appeal and enable more of you, the enthusiasts to become part of what we believe has always put the Great into Britain and makes British sports cars world leading marques.

We believe those of you who have approached us can be part of the experience that is Deronda. Your passion has encouraged us to truly offer you the opportunity to be part of the marque where by you too can proudly say you built one of these cars.

By supplying the Deronda in component form where you can assemble your own tailor made Extreme Sports Car we are following in the footsteps of some of the best respected cars on the planet, cars such as Lotus, Caterham, TVR, Marcos and indeed many others of the British greats.
We have teamed up with another well respected and established British car maker who's niche is still very much alive some 30 years from it's beginnings.

We will be bringing you more news and opportunities to meet the team and the cars over the coming months which we see as establishing Deronda as another marque everyone will be proud to be part of.

Deronda Type F

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Deronda Type F

Deronda Type F

The extreme performance car for the discerning.