Deronda Type F - Design Philosophy

Deronda Type FThe Type F is designed to deliver extreme performance and to do it in style. It is a high quality machine with built-in safety features.

Extreme performance is achieved from a low weight and high power output - up to 300 bhp in a car weighing less than 600kg gives over 500bhp per tonne. Acceleration times are 3.6 seconds to 60mph and 8.8 to 100 mph. Braking - powerful AP Racing 6 pot calipers are fitted at the front; 4 pot at the rear, operating vented discs. Sharp handling is achieved from a suspension design which mirrors current formula racing car practice - unequal length double wishbones, with pushrod operated inboard spring damper units. Settings can be adjusted for different conditions to optimise ride height, camber, compression and rebound damping.

Motorsport InternationalIn terms of style, the Type F has class - it's different and purposeful but not brash; it's modern but with an eye to the past. Styling cues from F1 over the years include the shark nose, under-nose splitter, rear undertray venturis, inboard suspension and distinctive side pods. Particular attention has been paid to engineering details, so that the engineering itself has quality appeal. For example, suspension uprights are cast aluminium - not only lightweight but also an engineering art form; the exhaust system is fabricated stainless steel with teardrop exits.

High quality has been achieved by using the best components and assembly standards. Bought-in components are all from reputable suppliers, known for their quality products. For example, engines and transmissions are supplied by Audi Cosworth Technology, suspension by Ohlins, brakes by AP Racing - all highly regarded in the motorsport industry.

Deronda Type F at BruntingthorpeDeronda believes that a road car should have the same safety features as a race car - so the Type F features:

  •         integral tubular steel chassis and safety cage
  •         double side impact protection bars
  •         separate driver and passenger roll over hoops - longitudinally braced
  •         front crash structure
  •         rear crash bars
  •         6 point FIA approved harnesses
  •         foam filled fuel tank
  •         fire extinguisher (optional)
  •         external ignition cut-off (optional)

Deronda Type F

Deronda Type F

The extreme performance car for the discerning.