Deronda Type F - Heritage

Deronda at Sherborne Castle

The Type F is a lightweight, road legal car based on current formula racing car design concepts. It has a longitudinally, mid mounted engine with rear gearbox; high nose with low splitter; rear undertray venturis and F1 style suspension.

Rockingham single seater Unsurprisingly, the Type F immediate predecessor is a racing car designed specifically for the private hire and corporate entertainment market. This provides the performance of a racing car with the reliability and running costs of a road car and has been sold to companies in the UK and Latin America. A derivative is used at Rockingham.

Despite its racing car pedigree, road car practicality has been built into the Type F - for example, the cockpit may be heated by warm air ducted directly from the radiator, avoiding the weight penalty of a separate heater.


Deronda Type F

Deronda Type F

The extreme performance car for the discerning.