Deronda at TRAX

The Deronda Type F is first and foremost a track day car designed to give you first hand experience of what it's like to drive a car that can take on any supercar or track racer. But we have always had an eye to making it road legal too so the Deronda is capable of being put on the roads and driven in regular traffic just as easily as put on a race circuit. Of course the race track is where we have the most fun and so we've put together a selection of photographs from some of the many track events we've attended and would like to share these with you here.


If you have not been able to try the Deronda in the flesh then here's a taster of what you're missing.

Now come and see it for real and try it on the track ..........
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If you'd like a completely independent view of what the Deronda is about then why not hop on over to NBC and find out what Jay Leno thought of the US car


Deronda Type F

Deronda Type F

The extreme performance car for the discerning.